Dare To Lead From Within

"For all purpose-driven folks who want to develop their Thinking-Big and achieve from the heart and not only from the head" 

- Nicole Thurn, NewWorkStories

Matthias' winning personality and unconventional approach felt fresh and challenging and gave me new perspectives on solving any problem. The outside view, unbiased and honest, is of enormous value, whether in sports, business, or personal life. This is a no-brainer for changemakers who want to skyrocket their impact in our world. 

-DIETER KALT,  3x Olympian and Founder of Champions Mind Academy

Reconnect With Your True Authentic Self To Lead A Life With Clarity, Focus, Flow, and Inner Peace.

Ali Mahlodji

Founder Whatchado + futureOne

Whenever I am talking to Matthias I am full of energy and inspiration afterward and I want to start a new project straight away. He always manages to show me what is possible. Very cool guy.

Maria Geir

Founder of Octenticity

Matthias perfectly mastered silencing my mind so I could listen to my inner voice.If you believe you're carrying big ideas in your heart for which the world is waiting, he is the one to help you pave the way!

Alon Levin

Alon Levin

pro concert photographer 

Matthias was able to bring me to a level of honesty with myself which shifted my complete worldview. He helped me to get clear about fulfilling my dreams and what I want to achieve in life. This was monumental! 


In "The Changemaker Sessions," I will help my guests overcome their current obstacles and fears to thrive with their visions and dreams.



Together We Can Make The World A Better Place 

When you invest in your future, you're also creating meaningful change in the world because I am donating 1% of my income to charity:water which will help to bring safe and clean water to every person on the planet.