What People Are Saying

Find some Testimonials of the beautiful people I had the pleasure to serve and work with. 

Marko Londa

-Marko Londa 

Mat has been my mentor & coach for more than a year, and I love working with him. His program, is the champions league of personal and mental growth and the exercises are incredibly powerful. It helped me to see the "good side" of life again. Simple recommendation: Do it!

-Maria Geir

Working with Matthias literally changed the way I see the world. I feel more focused and at ease at the same time. It was very easy to integrate the practices into my daily life. Thanks for this great opportunity!

-Christoph Juenger

An amazing, inspiring and really insightful program. I learned a lot and it is very powerful indeed! Highest recommendation!

-Nicole Thurn

For all purpose-driven folks who want to develop their Thinking-Big and achieve from the heart and not only from the head.

-Cristina Gavazzo

I want to close 2023 stating that Mat is such an inspiring, powerful and mature coach. Mat can guide you to achieve measurable outputs through his very well organised, high quality and mind blowing sessions. He is fun!
Mat helps you to connect with your inner strengths and teaches you to swim across the cleanest oceans you have ever imagined!

-Magdalena Gschnitzer

I felt supported right away and knew, this will help me to my next level of leadership. I learned about many beautiful techniques to clear my thoughts and focus on my important goals.
When you have a huge vision and many projects running at the same time, it is quite important to center over and over again and not to loose track on yourself. The coaching sessions helped me to get connected with myself again, by taking some me-time and guess what? My work improved.

-Antoine Erwes

Matthias was a great asset to our personal growth session, helping me keep a clear focus on what's important between work and life. He was always fun to be around, bringing a light-hearted and open-minded attitude that made our session enjoyable. He was also incredibly supportive, always ready to lend an ear or a hand whenever needed it. His approach makes us want to always go beyond our limits and become a better version of ourselves! Mat's positive energy and willingness to help others was truly appreciated and made our session not only productive but also inspiring.

-Peter Kreuz

Matthias is an outstanding professional whose energy and inspiration have had a profound impact on those fortunate enough to work with him. His coaching style is not only effective but also incredibly empathetic, making him a true standout in his field.
Matthias' energy is contagious and serves as a constant source of motivation. His enthusiasm for his work is infectious, and he consistently brings a level of dedication and passion that inspires everyone around him.

It's a privilege to know Matthias and to work with him.

Alan Kenna

-Alan Kenna 

Dream Development with Matthias was powerful and motivating, and I had a better understanding of where I was with my goals and what was holding me back. He used techniques I have never tried before which helped me to become the person I needed to be. His think-on-the-spot process allows you to access the truth behind your unconscious fears. I would recommend Matthias to anyone stuck, who knows what they want but is struggling with the next step.

-Dieter Kalt

I really enjoyed Matthias‘s Dream Development. His winning personality and unconventional approach of his techniques felt fresh, challenging and gave me a new perspectives on how to go about any problem. For me, as an athlete, having a trainer is essential to get ahead. Nobody can do it all by himself. The outside view, unbiased and honest, is of huge value, weather it is in sports, business or personal life. It’s a no brainer.

Saitoti Duncan Kaloi

-Kaloi Saitoti 

Dream Development with Matthias starts a transformation to discover your true self. I discovered how limitless I’m gifted and his approach is slowly revealing wonders in my life that I have never known before.

Monica Baeza

-Monica Baez

I reached out for help, full of fears and doubts on how to move forward in my life. After working by Matthias I feel super inspired and It was as if my creativity was unlocked and set free. Working with Matthias will help you transform your dreams into action! This is a game changer!

Sadhia Mengal

-Sadhia Mengal 

I have been struggling to work on my creative vision as a painter for six years, but Matthias finally helped me to get back on track. Our Dream Development had this energizing effect on me and for the first time in my life, I am feeling I can have an impact in this world. Working with Matthias was very igniting. 

Alon Levin

-Alon Levin

Matthias was able to bring me to a level of honesty with myself which shifted my complete worldview. He helped me to get clear about fulfilling my dreams and what I want to achieve in life. This was monumental! 

-Nikolai Rohrbach 

Matthias is a great and genuine guy who is deeply interested in the people he meets. His friendly, honest, and empathetic way to talk to you, challenge your beliefs, and bringing you to the spot where you need to be is a great trait of Matthias. Thanks for the Dream Development together! Matthias will have a huge impact on your life!

-Blake M Brattain

Matthias never strays away from inspiring with incredible words and experiences! He seems to always ask the necessary questions that ensure that internal growth! One of the topics he helped me with is holding accountability for ones self and seeing how effective that is on your daily habits and future plans!