Let's make your boldest dreams become reality with a scientifically proven method. 

Saitoti Duncan Kaloi

Dream Development with Matthias starts a transformation to discover your true self. I discovered how limitless I’m gifted and his approach is slowly revealing wonders in my life that I have never known before.

KALOI DUNCAN SAITOTI, Social Innovator & Economist Change Maker

Dream Development = Coaching & Mentorship

I am a Co-Active Coach and Serial Entrepreneur and by working with me you'll get the best of both worlds. Over and over again I have seen people failing, because they have mastered the creative part of their dreams, but not the (even more important) business side of it. So, I am here to help you with both, if needed. 

It's for those who are ready to commit to lasting change - and willing to invest time and energy in doing the rigorous work required to develop self-awareness and create new ways of thinking, behaving, communicating and relating.

At its essence, dream development is a process that has clients take an unflinchingly honest look at where they are and where they want to go. The good news is you'll be taking full responsibility for yourself, your circumstances and your direction.

The bad news is that taking full responsibility is not for everybody...

The work involves making financial and energetic investments in yourself and, quite frankly, like other commitments to one's self, is not something to be entered into quickly, lightly or without thought and consideration.

That said, when you are ready - when you know that you're hungry for change and that it's high-time to get on track, then you're likely a good candidate and it's time to get moving.

You would like to

  • Stop procrastinating and get into ACTION mode
  • live a fulfilled life
  • unlock your full potential to start living your dreams 

Nikolai Rohrbach

Business & Career Coach

Matthias is a great and genuine guy who is deeply interested in the people he meets. His friendly, honest, and empathetic way to talk to you, challenge your beliefs, and bringing you to the spot where you need to be is a great trait of Matthias. Thanks for the Dream Development together! Matthias will have a huge impact on your life!

Blake M Brattain

Marketing Director

Matthias never strays away from inspiring with incredible words and experiences! He seems to always ask the necessary questions that ensure that internal growth! One of the topics he helped me with is holding accountability for ones self and seeing how effective that is on your daily habits and future plans! 

Dream Development Session

This is the basic structure of a free 60 minutes Dream Development session

1. Creating a safe space 

It's important to create a safe space for us first. There is confidentiality, agreements on how we need to communicate and how you want me to be as a coach. This step is all about building trust.  

2. Getting to know your Dreams 

In this part we'll catapult us into the future. No limits, no "thinking small". This is where you get in touch with your wildest dreams (maybe for the first time ever). It can be eye-opening.

3. Diving Deep

From your dreams we decide on one topic where we'll dive deep. We'll bridge the gap between your dream and your current situation and we'll come up with an action plan that allows you to take the first steps into the right direction within days.  


It won't cost you a dime, and you'll get some very good stuff out of the experience, regardless of whether we continue to work together or not. 

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