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Saitoti was born and raised in Maasailand (Suswa village), Kenya and is the first generation college student from his community.  He is a Computer scientist, Author, and Economist. His bigger vision and dream is to help his community and provide families with basic necessities like shelter, food, healthcare, and education. And I want to help him.

The Future Of The Maasai Community

Where You Can Help


Maasai women still have to walk 16 miles (25km) in one direction to pick up drinking water for their families! I want to change this situation and support a natural and sustainable solution to this problem.

Maasai Woman water tank
Saitoti Maasai Project


Saitoti is building a Maa DreamA Center, an innovation space where he will help dreams from young people in the community come true. The open space would serve as a learning resource center, where passionate people connect, share, and impact each other. The first rollout of learning would be coding and using digital tools to solve many community challenges.


Saitoti is also the founder of MaasaiDuka, a social enterprise brand that seeks to connect you with the thousands of villages, slums, and refugees who live in vulnerable conditions, boost their development, and contribute to their well-being. Maasai Mamas sell their work ("Beading"), the tribal art and talent of Maasai, who have been famed for their adornment for centuries. This will allow them to save up for items like rainwater collection tanks, cooking stoves for cooking, solar power kits, and providing their children, including girls, a good school education.


How You Can Help

When you invest in your future through my work, you're also creating meaningful change in the world for the Maasai community. Because with every product you purchase, you support a person in need.